$31,000 Worth of Bitcoin Stolen In Florida

Is There A Chance Bit Coin Rate Will Decrease In Near Future?


    Bitcoins are you familiar with this term? Let me tell you what this means, bitcoins is a digital asset that is created and held electronically. This digital currency is unique because it does not involve any intermediary it is a peer to peer transaction. Now let’s talk about the value of bitcoins


    In June 2009 1 bitcoin was equal to 0.0001 USD but it raises to 15 USD in June 2011, it was again devalued in June of 2012 , but it was observed that in June of 2014 its price was raised to 600 USD. It again fell down in June 2015 to 220 USD. now let’s look its statistical value in the current year, in the year 2016 the price of bitcoins gained spot light in start of June because its price was considerably high and it was a good news for the business men but in the mid of June it again fell down, now there are different assertion from the market experts about the rise and fall of the bitcoins price, some say that this price decline is short-lived and in the coming weeks it would rise again.


    Some experts are of the view that the decrease in price is due the decrease in the bond yields. Some say that it happened the due to increase in variation of the trading prices.
Some say that it happened due the threatening possibility of the British exit from the European Union.
Future is still unpredictable

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