Is There A Chance Bit Coin Rate Will Decrease In Near Future?

$31,000 Worth of Bitcoin Stolen In Florida


Although bitcoins is a digital asset but still they are not secure from street robberies.

An incident of the robbery of bitcoins on the streets of Florida was reported yesterday. According to the report a man named Steve Manos was robbed at knife point in the West Palm Beach by two men. He was resident of Lake Worth, he said that he met those guys before in order to buy bitcoins in exchange of cash $ 28,000 but those guys betrayed him and instead of giving the bitcoins to him they fled away with his money. And that 32 year poor soul, was left empty handed. A boy named Andre Allen 34 year old, was arrested by the law enforcement agency because Steve gave the phone number with which he used to setup meeting with those guys and it served as a trap for one of them.


This is not it! Cases that involved physical robbery of bitcoins are many here are examples of the few. According to a report in New York a man was robbed at gun point on 5 June, 2015 when he was trying to sell bitcoins of worth $ 1,100. He was forced to by the robbers to transfer the digital currency electronically, cops said.

Bitcoins aren’t safe from robbery in the cyber world too. for instance an illegal drug site called Sheep market place was shut down in 2013 because of 5400 worth bitcoins were allegedly stolen by two men.

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